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For Parents

As BYU-Idaho Approved Housing, La Jolla embraces the Student Living program with enthusiasm.   We believe that “Student Living serves to raise the bar for BYU-Idaho students” and that it “sets the stage for a powerful culture to emerge within apartment life”– a culture we encourage and embrace. We hope that our residents will become familiar with the inspired message and principles of Student Living.


“Outside the home, the apartment represents the most natural and effective place for students to learn and apply the principles of Zion.   By so doing, students will develop qualities, form habits, acquire skills, and establish patterns that will strengthen relationships with roommates and engender a spirit of integrity, unity, accountability, forgiveness, and love in the apartment– all of which will serve to bless future homes and families, and prepare students for service in the Church, community, and workplace.”  (BYU-Idaho Student Living Handbook)

You can find the Student Living Manual, as well as helpful quotes, talks, and videos on BYU-Idaho’s website: